German SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN FAIR is world’s biggest welding cutting show and being held by every 4 years. This year would be held by 19th session and every major welding consumables supplier to present full range of the welding consumables. SOREX WELDING as exhibitor for 2nd time to provide high quality welding products in the show.

Location:Düsseldorf Exhibition Centre, Germany
Booth No.:Hall 14D20.6
Offical Website:https://www.schweissen-schneiden.com/joining-cutting-surfacing/

SOREX as a professional quality brand and leading ship for Taiwan and China’s market. Nowadays, we expect to promote this excellent MIT quality in the world. Our high quality products apply on traditional manual welding, semi-auto welding to auto mechanical welding and electro slag welding. Sorex products covers every kinds of industries, such as infrastructure for refining, steel constructors, cement industry, shipbuilding, bridge, fossil power plant industry, road/ overseas storage vessels, manufacture of food and paper industries.