About Sorex

3P-concept Management

Sorex Welding Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of welding consumables in Taiwan. It was officially established in 2004, and located in Tainan City by a professional and specialized team which has been engaging in the welding field since 1978. It has been manufacturing numerous categories of welding consumables for various applications in the domestic and international markets.
Sorex is recruiting diverse people studying in mechanical, electrical, chemical and material fields for high performance to entire company growth. It does rebuild high-efficient equipment and structure in the process under the requirements from company and customers, in order to build up the capabilities of troubleshooting and emergencies in case. To boost productivity and assist technologies on customers is of high approval and reliability.


Sorex has the state-of-the-art equipment for chemical and mechanical experiments in the trials of carbon-hydrogen, oxidation-nitrogen, diffusible-hydrogen, X-ray and spark discharge for the former, and whereas the trials of Rockwell-hardness, Pendulum-impact and materials for the latter. Producing throughout these equipment and being controlled by diverse international standards over ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, CE, JIS, and multi-national certificates (ABS, DB, GL, Lloyd’s, Nippon Kaiji Kyokai, and so on) in the process is a production basis, a quality promise whenever/wherever it always be there. The best materials the highest strick controls in the whole process is pointed out and qualified where Sorex is standing. Comply with company three beliefs and quality strategies to achieve and satisfy over customer needs and commitments of what they expected as an eternal and sustainable concept on Sorex.
Three-Belief : Diligent and Dependable, Teamwork and Innovation, and Excellent Quality.
Quality-Tactics : Professional Quality, Staff Participate in, Customer Satisfaction, and Maintain Improvement.


Sorex has also introduced into the environmental concerns throughout its whole business structure. Set up a complete system of environmental subjects come down to on-site working area and surroundings by building up the collections for dust and wastewater treatment facilities. Maintaining and recycling resources is responsibilities for Sorex to spontaneously activate all, including people and production line, in order to build up a bridge between technology and environment. In the meanwhile, it is also to consider next generation living in a clean and healthy environment as an eternal belief Sorex pursues.


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